Technical Training


At AdorWac we believe that supervisors, engineers and managers must lead the Innovation spirit in the manufacturing environment. For Innovative initiatives to be contextual, a fair knowledge of technical aspects concerned with the practice of welding is relevant.

The AdorWac faculty comprises of academically qualified personnel who have hands-on experience in assisting fabrication shop managers in good manufacturing practices. This helps them relate theoretical concepts to real shop applications and provide the impetus for engineers to develop the confidence to explore opportunities for improvement at their work place.

A general listing of the topics covered in such programs is as follows:
Arc Physics and Controls.

Welding Discontinuity & Defects-Causes & Remedies.

Types of Weld Joints; Butt, Tee, Coner, Lap & Edge.

Material and their Microstructures & Classification.

Chemical & Mechanical attributes of Weld joint.

Weld Symbols, Codes, Standards & Specification.

Welder Performance Qualification; ASME Sec IX, AWS D 1.1, IBR & Specific Agencies/Designers.

Structuring Quality Plans & Policies, including Occupational health and Safety.

While the Prospectus lists the standard programs that are offered, AdorWac also designs customised programs for clients, based on their specific needs. This is generally supported by a thorough audit of current status and a discussion to identify the key needs for the program to be delivered. Specific period contracts for managing the learning effectiveness of such programs and implementing a sustained effort to achieve tangible benchmarks are also within the scope of AdorWac resources.