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AdorWAC is pleased to share its Technical Library assets with the Industry professionals and students. These assets have been created over 60 years of Ador Welding experience in the Industry and contributed by many illustrious professionals who have earned their sweat equity in the knowledge bank for welding. You will have the opportunity to read many interesting papers on a variety of matters related to welding. We are sure that these will ignite many minds and AdorWAC would be able to continue to support initiatives that will make a difference at the ground level of practice. For any views suggestions and enquiries in the matter, please mail to

Dr Glyn M. Evans worked with Oerlikon, Switzerland as Chief Metallurgist for 23 years during which he developed many welding consumables and systematically investigated the factors affecting the microstructures and properties of mild steel and low-alloy weldments. He has been with the IIW for 50 yrs and is a Fellow with The Welding Institute. Dr Evans has been the recipient of many awards and citations during his illustrious career.

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