"The ADD Scheme" at AdorWAC - to sponsor needy youth for a career in welding vocation

ANUKROSHA (i.e. Compassion) is described as the highest form of Dharma, by Yudhishtra (the Dharmaraja) in the Mahabharata!

"Anukrosha Dharma Delivery" or the ADD Scheme at AdorWAC is an appeal to the philanthropic spirit of entrepreneurs, professionals and donors to sponsor needy youth aspiring for employable careers in welding vocation at the Ador Welding Academy Private Ltd (AdorWAC). Our PRE-SERVICE segment programs are designed to train youth - from 8th class drop-outs to 12th class pass outs - for competencies commensurate with the needs of the employers. The specific modules in this segment are:

A 4-week module, WD-1, which will train for employment opportunities as Subordinate Welders.

A 12 week module, BASEWELD, which will train for employment opportunities as Structural Welders.

AdorWAC will discount the course fee commensurate with the magnitude of the sponsorship (number of candidates, boarding/ lodging costs, and so on),.

At AdorWAC, we consider welders to be nation builders. With India's investment in infrastructure development targeted at over a trillion dollars, approx 1 million welders & welding technicians will be needed over the next few years. With most projects expected to be executed under the PPP model, a lot of world-class technology driven practices are likely to be adopted in fabrication. This is great opportunity for India to harness its demographic advantage and create a highly competitive and young workforce to build its leadership amongst competitors from elsewhere. Therefore, it is imperative that we nurture the aspirations of our youth towards gainful, skill-driven careers.

AdorWAC is committed to reach out to the needy levels in our socio-economic sectors through events like activation, community meets, NGO-interfaces and social network platforms, in an effort to attract youth for skill development and careers in welding. Your benevolence through the ADD Scheme will encourage us to expand the scale of these efforts and improve the success of this mission.

Request you to mail your enquiry of interest at the link below to enable respond to your specific expression of Anukrosha: Contact Us