Advocacy with State Skill Mission and Central Govt Agencies


Ador Welding Academy's (AdorWAC's) mission is fully aligned with the National Skill Development Policy and focuses on creating a pool of skilled welding technicians who will serve the cross-section of infrastructure building-related industries. Welding is at the core of manufacturing and construction, and growth estimates indicate that the country will need over 1 million welders and welding supervisors by 2020. Further, along with the requirement to raise manpower productivity standards new competencies relevant to automation and mechanised welding techniques will have to be developed. Simultaneously, the content of engineering education programs offered at polytechnics and engineering colleges will need to reflect the requirements of the industry. AdorWAC has proposed specific action plans with various agencies at the Centre and the State that are at the forefront of implementing the National Skills Mission. Some of these are:

State Skill Missions-

AdorWAC is committed to working with State Skill Missions, Directorate of Vocational Education & Training, ITIs/ ITCs, and the Ministry of Labour & Employment. Recognizing that the ITIs are a strong cradle for developing skilled manpower for the manufacturing industry the government has launched many laudable initiatives to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and ability of these institutions. AdorWAC has submitted Concept notes on some of its ideas to strengthen these initiatives. We would be happy to receive enquiries from other states to serve their needs.

Central Govt Agencies-

AdorWAC has on-going discussions with various agencies like the NSDC and NCSD to participate in complementing their efforts/initiatives to strengthen the skill development ecosystem across the states - from policy to practice. It strongly advocates the formation of a specific Sector Skill Council (SSC) dedicated to Welding. The Welding SSC will comprise experts from the Industry, academia and government agencies to put together the entire gamut of welding skill development imperatives relevant across industry segments, viz - transport equipment & utilities, construction, energy sourcing, generation and supply equipment, material mining, extraction and forming utility & production equipment.