AdorWAC Alumni Association


The AdorWAC Alumni Association (A3) invites all who have attended and successfully qualified the programs from any one of the following Institution:

  • The Advani-Oerlikon Welding school.
  • Ador Institute of Welding Technology
  • Ador Welding Academy Private Limited

  • We are proud to initiate a unique Alumni Association for everyone who has and will be a part of this esteemed institution. We encourage you to successfully qualify our program from any of our institutes and be a part of privileged alumni.
    The A3 has been promoted by Ador Welding Academy Private limited(AdorWAC)a subsidiary of Ador Welding Limited formerly (Advani Oerlikon Ltd, a pioneer in welding industry and with experience and expertise for over sixty years. This initiative will tap the potential for bringing many of the over 30,000 welding professionals trained in welding skills and education at our institute, since 1965.
    Ador has been enriching able candidates with skills training as an integral part of business activities.Our welders and engineers, employed all over the world, are a testimony to the quality of the theory and practical training they have acquired at our centers.Our close involvement with the industry has helped us acquire and accumulate valuable insights into the need and aspirations of the industry.
    Some of the objective of the AdorWAC Alumni Association are:
    a. Create a strong fraternity amongst the welding community- a bond that will encourage networking for better career opportunities and generally adding values to living.
    b. Assist the national endeavor in acquiring manufacture excellence through advocacy of the welding vocation.
    c. Work towards contribution to the creation of world class excellence in Indian welding practice, quality standards through highly skilled and competitive workforce and their gainful employement across the globe.
    Look forward for your whole hearted support.
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