ADOR WELDING ACADEMY is committed to build its equity on the worthiness of its trainees for the potential employers. Our programs are directed towards the value chain of occupation standards- job roles- competencies. Our objective is to deliver employable technicians who should be the industry preference. Following will be the process to achieve this objective -

We invite Welders, Supervisors and Engineers interested in careers related to welding industry, to apply for registration under the AdorWAC Talent Pool for availing of our placement services. This Talent Pool database will be kept updated at AdorWAC. It will be our endeavour to assure recruiters that we provide competent candidates from the pool, in line with the skill requirements specified by them.

The Skill development programs at Ador Welding Academy Private Limited are committed to prepare successful candidates for gainful employment. We take dedicated efforts for placement, under which we invite potential employers to register their needs for Welders, supervisors and engineers. The AdorWAC Talent Pool of welders, supervisors and engineers will be available for meeting the recruitment needs of potential employers.

AdorWac will arrange for placement interviews at the academy premises.

Carefully study the details of ELIGIBILITY and SERVICE CATEGORY.

The AdorWAC Talent pool will comprise of TWO groups: PRE-SERVICE and IN SERVICE

PRE-SERVICE: Applicants must be fresh (no work experience) - NCVT certified welders or Polytechnic Diploma holders or BE engineers in Mechanical/ Production. Metallurgy discipline. Applicants under this category will have to undergo a necessary welding assessment test at our academy before being recommended for employment with potential employers.

IN- SERVICE: Applicants must be NCVT Certified Welders with 3 years or more experience OR Polytechnic Diploma holders with 1 year or more welding experience OR B.E. engineers in Mechanical/ Production/ Metallurgy stream with 1 year or more welding experience.

Fill up the AdorWAC TALENT REGISTRATION FORM for placements