We invite proposals from entrepreneurs in the vocational/ skill education field, to choose the following options for a partnership with us :

Content Partnership -

AdorWac will provide Training Module documentation , Train the Trainers and assist at the pilot stage. The Course Modules will be the exclusive property of AdorWac.

Franchisee Partnership -

The Partner will invest in Infrastructure and management of operations. Infrastructure equipment and facilities will be designed and delivered by AdorWac. The course modules will be from AdorWac courseware and delivered by AdorWac certified trainers. Assessment and Certification will be by AdorWac.

Equity Partnership -

Various custom models can be discussed- where, essentially, AdorWac equity will be in the form of Training equipment, Software and management consultancy and certification services.

AdorWac invites partnership with potential enterprises who wish to include welding related skill development program in their curriculum