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Our proposal for industry partnership for creating talent reservoir is to provide "ready to deliver" fresh employees in the categories of welder, supervisor, operator, technician and engineer for occupations related to arc welding fabrication. Given that only about 37% of the fresh pass outs are employable ( India Skills Report-2015), we consider our proposal of significant value to prospective employers.

The Ador Welding academy Pvt Ltd, headquartered at Pimpri MIDC in Pune, is fully equipped to deliver skill development for welders, supervisors, operators, technicians, engineers across the occupation matrix of industries engaged with fabrication process. It has been delivering programs from its large portfolio of training modules to a variety of segments with learning ability. The objective is to prepare trainees for competent employment with employers- as per their job roles. Therefore, the training curriculum is based on the academy's close understanding of the industry needs. Curriculums are also customised to employer expectations.

The academy has its own centers currently operating in Pimpri, Pune and Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Additionally, it has created Centre for Excellence ( COE) Partners at several locations- Chennai, Nagpur, Hosur & Latur. The COE partner facilities are a replica of the benchmark created at our Pimpri/ Raipur centers and the training programs are under license from us and Trainers employed have been trained by us. Additional COE partnership locations have been planned and will be prioritised for locations where employment opportunities exists.

The Candidates will be drawn from Raw Talent Catchment areas- II Tier ITIs, Polytechnics, BE institutes fresh pass outs or unemployed pass outs.

How will this work?

  1. The Industry    Partner will enter in to a simple MOU with Ador Welding Academy, establishing its intent for the AIPTAR initiative. Copy of MOU attached.


  1. The Industry Partner will have to state its need comprehensively- USE THIS LINK TO ACCESS FORM : http://www.adorweldingacademy.com/Requisition-form.aspx - about 4 months before the date of recruitment. However, once a pipeline is under creation, this lead time will be progressively reduced.


  1. Depending upon the category of requirement and the occupation/ competencies required, the academy will select the appropriate candidates from the relevant institutes/ database.


  1. The training duration will be 6- 12 weeks, based on the desired competencies/ learning level of the candidate.


  1. The training curriculum will be drawn from our standard portfolio and, if necessary, tweaked to deliver specific competencies for the role for which the candidate is being trained.


  1. Assessments, in line with NSQF ( National Skill Qualification Framework) will be made and certificates issued to successful candidates.


  1. Partner Industry member will then be invited to interview, assess and decide on recruitment.


  1. Training location will have to be at the nearest centre- academy owned centers or COE Partner Centers - these have been listed earlier.


8.1  Industry member partners who wish to use their Foundations for Charity for deploying their CSR Funds, can enter into a MOU with academy/ its COE partners, for sponsoring fully paid candidates.


  1. The Training Fee for the program at the academy will have the following Funding options :


9.1  Paid by the Candidate in full on admission.


9.2  Industry member sponsored Candidates Fee reimbursement can be as per the terms mutually agreed between them; however, the Fee to the academy will be payable full in advance.


9.3  Fee amount will be as per the prevailing Fee structure at the academy.


9. Industry partner shall agree to pay the academy a nominal placement Fee, towards the cost of this service.

We welcome proposals from CSR Managers to engage us for developing models to suit their plans for CSR fund deployment in the domain of "Improving employability" related to Skills in Welding across all segments of occupation .



Raman Kumar

Chairman, Ador Welding Academy

Mob: +91 95520 23332; ramankumar@adorwac.in

Docu ref : AWA/aiptar/2015